Choosing a salon and skin therapist

We have come a long way since the days of sunlight soap, “buff puffs” and tanning with brill cream or olive oil.

Why? Research and technology have given us more information about what the largest organ of your body needs. It’s also given us more information about what it doesn’t need and what damages our skin.


So why is it important to use a professional skin product and have a skin specialist take care of your skin?
For the same reason… thousands of Rands have been put into research and development of products. Over the last 20 years there has been a huge shift in using products just to maintain the skin or because they feel good and smell nice to skin specialists.  Being able to focus on a concern and get a result goes hand in hand.  The regular use of the product recommended by your skin therapist, together with your regular skin treatment and the expertise of your skin therapist will help maintain the youthfulness and health of your skin.

Be discerning when choosing a skin therapist. If you are not getting a detailed skin consultation before the recommendation of a treatment course or home care routine, I would be concerned. Also, the hygiene of the skin centre and the therapists is very important.

For me a skin treatment should be a journey. I want to walk out feeling cleansed, educated, relaxed and have some direction for future treatments and home care. A good therapist should be able to tailor a home routine around your budget and time, working with you to add to your routine when necessary.

Tania Botha

Owner:  Simply Skin Beauty Salon
021 975 1231

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