Converting that job interview into an offer

Nothing quite beats the exhilaration of getting that call from an employer or recruitment agency asking you to come in for an interview. However, many people stumble at the interview stage simply because they haven’t done the necessary preparation.

The very first step starts long before you even get the call.  It starts the moment you decide to submit your CV. In our modern age social media plays a very important role when recruiting staff. Many potential employers and recruiters monitor social media profiles to gain insight into your character and interests. If you feel a lot of your content might be deemed controversial or inappropriate it is best to either refrain from this or ensure your privacy settings are adjusted accordingly. If you have a public profile remember that it is a window to who you are.

The second, and probably the most important step, is to research the company thoroughly before attending the interview. Understand what they do, who their market is and know the panel of interviewers. Technology plays a part here too, with Linkedin, which has made this process a lot easier for job hunters. Getting to know your interviewers before meeting them really helps with preparation and confidence.

The saying “dress for success” is exactly that! It is always best to dress more formally for an interview than be too casual. First impressions are lasting. You might not agree with the notion that people judge a book by its cover, but being presentable illustrates you made the necessary effort associated with a strong desire to be employed.

Tardiness is a classic faux pau often committed. Know where you are going. I hate to sound like a broken record but technology has made our lives so much easier. Research the location online and note the exact directions. If for some reason you are running late (perhaps something unforeseeable like an accident causing a traffic delay) phone the person who arranged your interview and let them know you will be late. Don’t leave them guessing your whereabouts.

Once you arrive at the interview greet the panel with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. Be confident but not arrogant. Allow the panel to talk and ask questions without interrupting them.

Be energetic and interested. There is nothing worse than interviewing a “dead duck” who shows very little interest in a job or company he is currently been interviewed by.

Last, but not least, the right job is out there for you. Stay positive and focussed in your job search.

Lyndsay Massyn, Office Manager, NDC Personnel.

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