Using The Lamprobe Technology For A Beautiful Skin

In todays time we are all always looking for ways to look younger and healthier. Unfortunately, due to our climate, love for the sun and our skins’ own elasticity as we age, we get some minor epidermal irregularities on our skin. For instance, broken capillaries, spider naevi, cherry angiomas, fibromas, skin tags, milia and cholesterol deposits which become either irritating if caught on clothes or just unsightly .
With the Lamprobe we can correct and get rid of these lesions.
The Lamprobe works on the principles of 1. Electro-desiccation
2. Electro-cauterization

The operator has significant control and precision, therefor only the targeted area is affected. Lamprobe cosmetic treatment time is minimal, resulting in very effective results with little downtime.


1. How does the Lamprobe current differ from that of lazer or hyfrecator?
Lamprobe is non-invasive and less powerful, but more precise and accurate.

2. Are there any side effects or pain associated with Lamprobe?
Depends on the clients’ skin sensitivity. Minor discomfort and scabbing could occur with some treatments.

3. Can Lamprobe be used with microdermabrasion and peels?
After microdermabrasion or peels minor skin irregularities will become more visible and Lamprobe treatments can be performed more effectively.

4. Are there any contraindications?
We don’t work on open wounds, pregnant ladies and skin diseases.

I can highly recommend the treatment and have had amazing results. Please contact Skindeep Beauty Clinic for more information
Nickola Mocke
Owner – Skindeep Beauty Clinic
021 975 4338

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