Bio Skin Drainer

The Bio Skin Drainer is an amazing machine which gives ones skin a fabulous result.

It is often known as the machine that gives you a face lift without the surgery.
The machine has positive ion and negative ion. These results in different reactions to the skin. The positive ion has an acid reaction which has a toning, revitalising and metabolizing functions on the skin. The negative ion is alkaline and is more suitable for oily and sagging skin.

It cleanses pores, balances and reduces edema.

This machine blends blood and cell molecules through rhythmically massage cells, then release oxygen to dissolve ATP and stimulate circulation. This improves skin colour, tone and texture.

It also works on the muscle of the face which results in beautiful firmer skin – it is like going to gym to keep ones body toned and firm, this machine does it to your face.

You would start with having 10 treatments at twice a week. Thereafter you would continue with maintenance.
This is a not to be missed treatment if you are looking for the WOW in your skin. It can also be used as a once off for a special occasion (WEDDING), as the results are amazing and skin remains looking good for up to a week.

Nickola Mocke
Skin Deep Beauty Salon

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