Etienne Nortje, Bond Gallery – Cape Town

Etienne lives in Door De Kraal, Durbanville and him & Michele have a 6 year old daughter attending Kenridge Primary school. He is a keen golfer and has been a member at Bellville Golf Club for 3 years.
Etienne was born and raised in Gauteng on the East Rand and attended Marais Viljoen High School, where he matriculated in 1994.
After working for a Facility Management company based in Boksburg, and working himself up to Operations Manager at the age of 24 overseeing functions including Security, Cleaning & Hygiene services for major companies like Nampak, Brandhouse, SAB and the like, as well as being actively involved with the other side of the business dealing with repossessed properties and the resale of them, he was offered the opportunity to open a Cape Town branch for the company in 2001, which he gladly accepted.
In 2003 he was offered the opportunity to enter the Home finance (Bond Origination) industry. Ever since then Etienne has worked hard to build a good reputation with clients, service providers and piers alike, and today is one of the more established and well known Bond Originators in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. He joined the Bond Gallery brand in 2013 and is the proud owner of their Cape Town franchise.
“This industry is not for ‘sissies’ and sometimes you need hair on your teeth to see past all the politics that will always be relevant when you deal with major financial institutions like the Banks, but it has so many rewards like when you help a client to buy their first house, or get a difficult bond approved after a long struggle when the client has almost given up him/herself. The job satisfaction factor in this game is tremendous and one of the reasons why we do what we do.”
Through almost 14 years of on the ground experience in the industry and being involved from a management level for most of that time, Etienne has built strong relationships and vast experience in his field. He will be sharing some insights and helpful hints for home buyers in the coming months. Please feel free to contact him should you require any assistance with Home Finance.

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