Durbanville Unite For #ZumaMustFall

Every time I hear the word protest or riot, I get uneasy as I remember working at City Park Hospital in the ‘90’s as a young girl when Chris Hani was killed.
I remember rioters running down the road slashing car windows and tyres. Us trying to get people out of their way and just pushing as many people as possible into the hospital. Stitching up media reporters who has been stabbed, worrying about the petrol station set alight next to us and sleeping on hospital floors as it was too dangerous to go home.

As I set out today to do reporting on planned protest action in Durbanville I was surprised to see what was happening. At 12H00 employees from surrounding businesses started with protest. Cars was hooting and people were shouting and dancing with banners high up in the air. People from all walks of life were uniting for two reasons, to get our country off the junk status list and to get rid of our president. How sad is that?

In true Durbanville style the protesters was singing, dancing, shouting, vuvuzela’s was blown and hooting from vehicles. There were no rubber bullets, no tear gas, no police officers in armadillo suits, no man hours were lost, no one was hurt, no buildings were damaged or burnt, no cars were vandalized and no banners and take away boxes was left behind. Everyone was in good spirit and stood united as a country. No matter who or what you are, today you were a fellow South African fighting for our country.

At 13H00 the protesters took their banners and walked back to their work place in an orderly manner.
My dear fellow South Africans, THAT IS HOW YOU PROTEST!
Article by Johanise Fouché

This guy was absolutely unbelievable!!!

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