Your CV Is Your Passport To Success

A potential employer uses this information as a guideline in deciding whether to invite you for an interview or not. Your cv sells “YOU” Take every opportunity to use this wisely. Here are some tips to assist you when putting together your CV
• Highlight your skills at the beginning of the CV. Get their attention from the start
• If you have limited experience then, it is good to mention leadership roles at school and school achievements, but if you have an established work record, noting that you were the Library Assistant in Grade 4 is really not necessary
• Keep your CV short and powerful. In Afrikaans they say “Kort and Kragtig!” Relevant information is key to a successful CV
• List dates, job titles, duties and reasons for leaving each employer. Make sure you give good reasons for leaving previous employers. (It is not necessary to give lengthy explanations as long as you convey solid reasons)
• Don’t leave out information. A recruiter or potential employer does not have time to guess. They are not psychic and need to know why you may have a two year gap between employers. Scrappy CV’s with bad or useless information does not attract attention.
• It is very important to list references on a CV. Note, referees are not your friends, pastor or colleagues, they are people you reported directly to. Make sure you provide updated information with regards to your referees. It is your responsibility to put the right contact numbers on your CV for references.
While there are many ways to put a CV together, just remember you have only one chance to market yourself, make sure you do it right.

Lyndsay Massyn, Office Manager, NDC Personnel.
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