Epilfree – Wax Like Lazer

This is the New Scientific solution for preventing BODY HAIR REGROWTH – Wax with LAZER LIKE RESULTS…

Epilfree is a treatment which inhibits and slows down re-growth of face and body hair. It is based on a combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients and consists of essential liquid extracted from herbs, such as ladies mantle and eucalyptus.

The preparation nourishes and softens the skin as well as enables the treatment lotion to easily penetrate the skin’s pores to the hair follicle.
Epilfree can safely be used on anyone, anywhere on the body including downy facial hair…..yeah! as us woman all know what that is like.
We do play it safe with pregnant and breastfeeding women though. It is just better to avoid due to hormones.
Both men and woman can have the treatment done and there is no danger of skin pigmentation before, during or after treatments.
A single treatment on a limited area will give VISIBLE results within several weeks, enabling the person to judge the efficacy of treatment themselves.

The Epilfree treatment was developed as a NEW alternative to other methods for removing unwanted hair on the long term. After 31 years in the cosmetic field, Dr Konis feels he is introducing the most revolutionary method of permanent hair reduction since lazer.

There are a few rules when wanting to do this treatment:

1. Avoid contact with water for 6 hours after treatment, therefor no exercise, sweating or showering
2. Do not apply any lotion or make-up on area for 6 hours after treatment
3. Avoid tweezing or waxing in between treatments
4. Maintain a rigid treatment schedule (treatment is determined by length of hair and not by time) hair 2.5mm-5.0mm

The most asked question is THE COST?
Well, that depends on the area one is treating and the salon one is going to, but as myself, if I want results (no hair), that should not be a concern. It is however cheaper than lazer – I have been told.
Enhance your waxing routine with EPILFREE and get lazer like results.

Nickola Mocké
Skin Deep Beauty Salon

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