City Urges Residents To Remain Calm During Storm

As we expect severe inclement weather following the warnings from the South African Weather Service, I urge Capetonians to remain calm and do all they can to keep safe.

As the cold front approaches tonight, we are expecting heavy rainfall, strong winds, and waves between 9 m and 12 m along the coastal areas of the Cape Peninsula.

We would like to assure residents that our Disaster Risk Management teams are on high alert and have been conducting various operations in preparation for the storm. They have also been working with all stakeholders to ensure that we are prepared to provide relief and assistance to residents and to address infrastructure that could potentially be affected by the weather.

The City’s Disaster Risk Management and Informal Settlements Management Departments are monitoring many of the most vulnerable residents across the city. Structures have been secured with additional sand and have been grounded with concrete blocks in an effort to prevent wind damage.

All vulnerable areas are being closely monitored and the City’s Disaster Risk Management teams are on standby.

The City urges residents, where possible, to use suitable containers to capture rainwater, which is perfect for flushing toilets as an example. Flushing the toilet with rainwater could save nine litres or more per flush, depending on the type of toilet.

As a result of climatic unpredictability, no one is able to definitely predict when our next big rainfall will occur. We must therefore continue to save water.

Further communications for emergency situations will be dealt with by the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre.

I appeal to all residents to take care and be extra cautious on the roads. Please take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your loved ones, pets, property and possessions.

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