DA Urges Police To Act Urgently After Another Political Attack

The DA is concerned by the escalation of political violence in Umzimkhulu Municipality after three ANC councilors were attacked by armed gunmen last night.
In what seems like yet another case of political violence, Cllrs Sindiso Magaqa, Jabu Mzizi and Nontsikelelo Mafa were ambushed last night on their way back from a meeting. All three of the men were shot, but luckily survived the ordeal.
We condemn this growing pattern of politically motivated attacks in the strongest terms and wish the latest victims a speedy recovery.
We call on the South African Police Service (SAPS) in KZN to urgently institute an investigation into this senseless attack and ensure that those responsible are apprehended.
This is not the first time that Umzimkhulu municipality has witnessed such acts of brutality. In the past three months, a Councillor and a municipal employee were gunned down in a suspected case of political violence.
Despite the premier’s office initiating the Moerane Commission of Inquiry to investigate the profile and association of these political attacks, the situation continues to worsen in the province.
From April 2014 to August 2016, nearly 60 politically motivated killings have taken place in KZN, 20 alone in the period January 2016 to August 2016, of which 14 were ANC related.
Incredibly, not one conviction has been secured despite a team of detectives and a special task team investigating these killings.
It is very clear that the political attacks in this province are getting out of hand and that the situation is becoming a full-blown crisis.
It is time for the ANC to seriously introspect, and to determine the motivations for these attacks and murders and to actively work with the SAPS to stop it.
We would like to wish the councillors a speedy recovery and we request that the Commission which commences its work formally from next week, gets to the bottom of these killings and a solution is found with immediate effect.

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