Brian Woodland Joins Our Team!!

I am an independent banking consultant, mortgage originator, karate teacher, performing musician (playing in 3 bands) and (early)-retired banker of some 40-odd years experience. I am currently the co-chairman of the Kenridge Neighbourhood Watch, and have been a Kenridge Heights resident for 29 years. I am an internationally accredited 3rd dan goju-ryu teacher, with some small experience in tai-chi, kobudo, aikido and krav maga. My karate classes in Kenridge have been on Mondays and Wednesdays in the 2nd Kenridge air Scout Hall since 1997 when I decided to teach my sons karate. The rest, as they say, is history.

I run a non-commercial karate school, and it is by no means a financially focused operation. We don’t train for medals or cups, but rather for the pleasure of personal growth and achievement.
This month, 80% of my adult student are off to Hungary for an international Gashuku (training camp).

Brian Woodland

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