Group Exhibition: TRACES

Nadia Estelwen Viljoen is ready with her next art exhibition, but this time she is bringing her friends with.  Just a few months since she had her beautiful exhibition alongside Alessandro Pappada, WHOW Studios are ready to entice us with even more outstanding art as different mediums.

The Mission:

We are uniting artists from Fine Art, Illustration, Ceramics, Animation, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Musicians, etc. to create a space where we can experience the freedom of creativity. By doing this, and bringing artists together, we create a bigger supportive society for upcoming artists, because we all know how difficult it is to get out there.
As curators and organizers, we are not profiting from this. It is purely for getting new names out there, offering an opportunity to exhibit and sell, and creating a link between artists.

Theme: Traces:

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we leave a trace. The paint on a canvas is the trace of a brush, the concept of an artwork is a trace of a thought. For artists, our trace is our art, and when sharing it with the world, we leave a trace in society’s memories. We strive to make our mark memorable.

Exhibiting artists:

– Alessandro Pappada
– Deidre Marshall
– Diana Henriksen
– Franco Kellerman
– Keanon Pohlman
– Louisa Viljoen
– Mareli van Rensburg
– Mariette Kotze
– Maya LeMaitre
– Nadia Estelwen Viljoen
– Nikola Vlok
– Rene Johansen
– Ross Culverwell
– Victor van den Heever

What to Expect:

Art, Music and something to drink while enjoying the creative environment.


6:30pm – 7:15pm
CJ Bergh, Adriaan Jordaan, Kristi Boonzaaier

7:15pm – 8pm
Nikola Vlok

8pm – 9pm
CJ Bergh, Adriaan Jordaan, Kristi Boonzaaier


Thursday 14 September 2017 (runs until 27 October 2017)




WHOW Studios, Corner of Ixia and Protea street number 2, Durbanville.

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