To Serve And Protect Is (still) In His Blood

Morné Joseph has been a household name for many years in our community and for those who think he is all about washing cars and windows since he resigned from SAPS Durbanville, are making a huge mistake.  His passion to serve and protect is still very much alive and he is continuing the promise he made as a police officer many years ago, just in his private capacity.

After the Anchen Muller-saga, we all realised parents and children need to be made more aware of the dangers of social media.  Morné is helping children understand the dangers of social media on all its platforms and was invited to do a talk at the Big Bay Academy in Parklands.   As always, the learners enjoyed his to-the-point presentation.

You might think your child is not involved in any private conversations, but once again he showed us how easy it is to be lured into a conversation with a stranger.  How easy these predators can convince our children to trust them and how they set up meetings with children.  Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram can all be fantastic platforms for different business and personal reasons, but for an innocent young child it could be fatal.  Believe it or not, but some 12 and 13 year olds even knows what Tinder is.

Our children needs to be warned against this and sometimes they are more convinced by someone like Morné than by family.

This talk is an absolute must.  He does age-related presentations (starting at 11 up to 18), even a talk for parents and caregivers.

Safety measures like no passcodes on cellphones and open relationships with your children is the key to preventing strangers from intruding your child’s life.

Morné can be contacted via email to reserve your presentation on

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