“Top Cop” Is Back In New Role

After the Tygerburger’s article on 20 July 2016, Top Cop Hanging Up His Boots, were published, the Durbanville community were devasted by the loss of one of their beloved police officers.
He is back.
After unsuccessful resistance from his community to not be transferred, Morné Joseph resigned from SAPS and broadened his horizons as a Public Relations Officer for a security company. He has since resigned to pursue his dream to continue to protect his community and is the founder owner of the private security company AT-HOME SECURITY AND ASSET PROTECTION. A private security company with a difference. Specialist crime experts, intensive studies before guards or patrol officers are deployed, crime and safety consultations, a one stop service centre to assist with installations, maintenance and upgrades of security systems and products, alarm monitoring service and control room with the latest technology, only PSIRA registered guards with a minimum grade C qualification will be employed. Guards and management who will work with communities to ensure a safer environment. With residential clients his focus will be on the family – educating children, parents and domestic workers. Protecting the lifestyle you have always dreamt of. The term “dedicated” will have new meaning. Corporate clients will enjoy professional guards, professional service and an open-door policy with management. Involvement in community matters and schools will also be one of their focus areas.
Morné Joseph comes from a comprehensive security background.
He completed his basic life skills and street survival training in 2001 at Chrysalis Academy.
In 2009 he joined the South African Police Service and regularly had to stand in at different units (Crime Prevention, Trio Crimes and Gang Unit). Morné was the favourite subject for many History assignments as Grade 4 pupils interviewed him as one of Durbanville’s most influential personalities.
Morné served Durbanville as Sector 2 manager. He successfully completed several courses while in service of the South African Police Service which included:
• Domestic Violence
• Trauma Counselling
• Crowd Management
• Armed Response Officer

Morné also gave various talks at Neighbourhood Watch meetings and organisations with regards to safety and security.
He is passionate about visiting schools and educating children about safety and is very active in less fortunate communities as he runs his charity organisation, Smiling ‘Lil Faces.
With the years he spent protecting the community of Durbanville, Morné has an impeccable knowledge of the town’s crime hot spots.
Morné, together with his Operations Manager, ex Kraaifontein police officer, Charl Rielly, will write weekly safety articles for Durbanville At Home. We know these articles will be beneficial to any community, household and business.
To serve and protect is in his blood.

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