How To Walk Safely Between Destinations Without Becoming A Victim Of Robbery

Charl Rielly – operations manager (At-Home Security and Asset Protection) and Morné Joseph CEO (At-Home Security and Asset Protection) will be writing weekly safety articles.

Charl Rielly’s article on safety when walking below:

Over the years crime has become a huge problem for all South Africans. As a result we have to protect ourselves and our property. After 8 years’ experience at SAPS and also working as a detective at Kraaifontein SAPS, I have noticed a general trend with regard to robberies.

A. Occur mostly just after sun sets in the evening and just before sun rise in the morning
B. Victims are mostly walking alone
C. Most victims were on their cellular phones or had earphones in
D. Most victims were not alert.
E. Most victims never had self defence equipment
F. Attackers do not wear a specific clothing style or look a certain way
G. Most attackers will always have a knife or sharp object concealed on them
H. Attackers always use bushes and environmental aspects to their advantage
I. Attackers also wait for the right opportunity to strike, watch and follow you
J. Attackers will often ask you for something, make conversation such as ask for money, lighter, or make small talk to divert your attention

Safety tips

1. When walking from one point to another, always be vigilant, know who’s around you and what they are doing
2. Know your surroundings and terrain. Try to avoid areas with large vegetation and shrubbery, which can obstruct your view and can potentially conceal criminals
3. Try to avoid walking in areas that are poorly lit when walking at night or early mornings.
4. Try having a walking buddy or walk in a group, attackers tend not to challenge a group due to fear of being overpowered.
5. Invest in having a self defence weapon in your possession to protect yourself should an attack occur.
– Pepper spray
– Baton
– Tazer/electric stick
6. If you are in doubt and feel unsafe by suspicious people approaching you, try get distance between you and the suspicious person by walking on the other side of the road or field, if the person continues to also follow you, then run in a safe direction. Call local police or any security agency that can assist. Be careful of one attacker from the front and one from the back. They try to divert your attention by only focusing on the front attacker.
7. Never advertise your personal items, such as walking with your cellular phone in hand or earphones in your ears, watches or handbags displaying. Most robberies occur due to the owner’s own negligence by advertising.
8. If threatened with violence and you cannot prevent the robbery, rather hand over the property in a calm manner, preventing harm.

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