The Criminal Mind In Terms Of Light

By Morné Joseph

Lighting can serve as a deterrent around any business or residential property.
In a well-lit area, criminals are weary to enter, as they do not want to be detected. Static, as well as motion detecting lights are recommended. A motion detecting light gives a criminal an immediate shock – thinking they might have been seen. This kind of light can be linked to an alarm or CCTV system. The minute there are movement, the CCTV start recording, or it can sound a silent alarm. Criminals prefer to not move in light. House-robbers will normally sit in a dark field and monitor the prey when moving in the house. Burglaries appear at night in the darkest corners of the property. A criminal will always have the advantage when he is in the dark and can monitor anything exposed in the light.
How do we keep ourselves safe in terms of lighting?
Businesses, may it be in a town or industrial area, should make sure the outside of the building are well lit with flood lights. The same goes for farms or small holdings.
Leave an interior light on to give the impression that someone might be inside.
A motion detector can help capture movement at lone standing business properties.
Energy saving bulbs can be used outside residential properties.
Motion detecting lights works well in a driveway leading to your garage doors.
Once the driveway is lit, criminals will think twice to fiddle with garage doors.
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