How To Safeguard Your House And Motor Vehicle From A Break In

By Charl Rielly

Over the years housebreaking and theft out of/from motor vehicles has increased rapidly.
This is due to the expansion of urban housing. The influx of criminals into areas, increase in poverty and lack of policing manpower.

The most common style of house breaking is crow-bar style where entry is gained normally from the front of the premises by forcing open security gates/doors.
The crow bar squad is an organised syndicate whose main focus is to remove flat screen TV’s, laptops or any electronic devices. They never spend more than one minute in and out of any premises.

Methods to safeguard your house
A. Install burglar bars – this includes inside and outside your windows
B. A decent size security gate at each entrance. Insure that there is no space between the gate and the frame therefore eliminating the chance for a crow bar to be effective.
C. If you have a wall or fence, install electric fences around your property. If your budget is tight then an alternative would be barbwire or glass pieces cemented down.
D. A decent size guard dog is a plus factor, as a dog serves as protection as well as a natural alarm system.
E. An alarm by an accredited security provider with their board in front of your premises can also act as a deterrent.
F. Install cameras, if anything occurs it can assist the police with investigations and possible apprehension of suspects.
G. When leaving the premises, ensure that all windows and curtains are closed (don’t advertise what’s in your house).
H. When leaving your premises always be alert, take note of people and vehicles roaming in the area. Report any suspicious activity.
I. When going on holiday do not leave your house empty. Get someone to house sit for you and to collect mail as criminals often notice who’s not home.
J. When leaving the house in the evening leave lights on and TV playing in the background as to give the impression someone is home.
K. Never leave tools lying outside of the house as criminals might use it to their benefit.
L. Try not put your dustbin out on bin day before hand as criminals often use bins to jump over walls and fences.

Theft out of/from motor vehicles
Vehicles are usually broken into by means of smashing a window and opening the door. The use of spark plugs allows for the silent breaking of a window. This crime usually occurs during the night/early morning.

Methods to safeguard your motor vehicle
1. If possible, try not to park the vehicle in the street or outside. Rather park your vehicle in a garage or behind locked gates.
2. Never leave any items of value in your vehicle as it attracts criminals to take the opportunity to steal.
3. If you have a radio and it is detachable, remove the face.
4. If your vehicle doesn’t have an alarm, have one installed.
We all have to ensure that we protect our own property as well as assist our neighbours and community. Always be one step ahead of the criminal as they are always adjusting and planning.

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