Pilates With Brenda

Pilates incorporates strength, flexibility training and efficient movement patterns. Pilates allows individuals to retain and then transfer their new coordination patterns to everyday life. Training usually begins with the number of repetitions kept small with the emphasis on quality movements.
Brenda van der Merwe is a qualified Pilates and Fitness instructor. She recently moved from Gauteng to Durbanville. She believes in private and semi-private Pilates sessions, emphasis must be on quality of the movements, and client specific exercises.
Being in the fitness industry for the past 17 years, Brenda uses her experience to evaluate and then concentrate on specific areas of each of her client’s individual training needs
She studied Personal Training at ETA and then went on to specialize in Control Conditioning Pilates through TUT.
People sometimes confuses Pilates with Yoga. Pilates concentrates around individual muscles, strengthening smaller muscle groups to support movement of larger muscles. With Control Conditioning Pilates, Brenda combines Personal Training movements with Pilates moves. The results are a stronger, healthier and toned body.
Brenda will be sharing fitness tips and exercises on a weekly basis.

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