Pilates with Brenda

By Brenda van der Merwe

Pilates incorporates a variety of exercise equipment such as a theraband. Training with extra resistance, increases bone density and strengthen muscle.
In this exercise, we are using a theraband, which you can purchase at most Sport and Exercise outlets.
Using a Pilates ball or chair, sit with feet shoulder width apart, and lengthen through the spine. Pull on both ends of the theraband, whilst squeezing the shoulder blades together, keeping the shoulders relax. Hold for 1 second, and slowly release back to starting position. Repeat
Benefits: Strengthens upper back muscles, release tension between shoulder blades.
As we go through everyday life, a lot of tension are placed on the upper back. Hunching forward using the computer are one example. A lack of strengt in this part of the body, may lead to bad posture in future, the typical look of a rounded upper part of the spine.

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