By Morné Joseph

Kidnapping and abductions comes in many different forms. Kidnapping and abduction has been around for ages and are not a pleasant experience on any person.
Kidnapping is where you are deprived of your freedom of movement by being taken hostage for various reasons. Sexual intent, maliciousness, monetary value and murder are all reasons for kidnapping. The human body can become human currency.
Kidnapping, car-jacking, abduction can happen to anyone. Adults and children. It has no colour, race or profile. This act is all about reward and what you can gain as the perpetrator. Substance abuse does not always have to play a role in the disappearance of people. Reasons for disappearance can vary from: A plot to commit murder. Keeping someone hostage for monetary gain. Wanting to have parental rights over a child. Wanting to have kids act in slavery and sexual favours etc.
You get different types of kidnapping. Aggressive Kidnapping and Passive kidnapping.
Aggressive kidnapping are normally when there is a reward awaiting the delivery of the product (child).
For example. The victim can be identified immediately and the act of kidnapping follows. The Victim could have been identified on a “hit list” and the kidnapping follows after the whereabouts have been studied. Violence can include being choked out, beaten, being drugged (drinks being spiked) or murder. How can these types of disappearance occur? A sudden drive by and the victim being forced into a vehicle. The victim can be identified and monitored in a club or restaurant and followed or intercepted at a traffic light en-route home. Another example is impersonating of a police or traffic officer to get you to stop and be kidnapped.
A lot of focus goes into abduction and kidnapping of children as they are the more vulnerable group to these evil acts. These kinds of kidnapping can be cold and violent or passive.
The passive kidnapper/abductor are sometimes known to the family or friends. Passive kidnapping has to do with grooming of the victim. It can be boys or girls. The suspect will spend time winning the trust of the child so that it overpowers those of the parent. Standing next to the sport field, watching your kid, studying their moves. Engaging in friendly conversations and even complimenting. What happens here is mental manipulation of the person being groomed. This can result in your child becoming more rebellious, lying about whereabouts because of the new found confidant. (The groomer)
How do we stop or minimize this evil from overtaking our children?
• Yes the normal, don’t talk to strangers.
• Don’t accept treats from strangers.
• Don’t engage in conversations with strangers. All a kidnapper needs is a window of opportunity. Minimize the risk by educating kids not to walk alone.
• Not to be on their cell phones when walking alone. Cellphones are currently the biggest distraction to catch children off guard. If your child encounters such a person, teach them to continue walking or get the attention of an adult close by.
• If they are alone, get them to run and use their voice to scream if they feel uncomfortable.
• Moms, dads and children should have a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL CODE only they know when picking up the child from school. If an emergency occurs and a family member are picking up the child, the code is very important, irrespective if the mom and dad approves. No school should release a kid without their family code.
• This is one form of deterrent not to let children go with unauthorized people.
• Randomly check your child’s cell phones. Once a kidnapper has that number, the grooming starts. Always try to remember the last clothing your children was wearing.
• Identify birth marks, tattoos.
• Never leave your child unattended in your car, ever. Some people do this to run into the shop quick. That one day if your child is not in the car anymore, you will understand why it is important to never do it.
No one wants to live in paranoia, but teachings regarding kidnappings and abductions are very important. Always give your children the affirmation and information they need.
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