Two weeks ago a 3-year old girl from Durbanville died in a freak accident when she allegedly fell of her bicycle and the bicycle brake lever penetrated her heart. I read the first article about the little girl’s death and my heart went out to her family, but it also left me with questions. How hard was that fall for a blunt object like a bicycle brake lever to penetrate all the way to her heart? At what speed did she ride her bicycle (inside the house) to take a fall like that?
On Sunday evening, two weeks after her death, someone spoke to the media and revealed the cause of her death was a “shocking discovery” when the state pathologist discovered the cause of death was a gun shot from a pellet gun.
This article, and all the articles that followed this one on Sunday evening, left me with even more questions…
The autopsy was done, let’s say the Wednesday following the little girl’s death. It was a “shocking surprise” – according to the article in the Weekend Argus on 24 February 2019 – to the parents to hear their little girl died because of a gunshot wound. According to a reliable source, who can not be named, the parents were informed the day of Nina’s death that the cause of death was not that of the brake lever as that is almost impossible. The parents were informed the cause of death was suspected to be a gun shot wound from a pellet gun.
She informed doctors she had found her daughter slumped over her bicycle handlebars with a small puncture wound to her chest that she thought had been made by the brake lever.” The mother of the little girl told the Weekend Argus.
If Nina fell on her brake lever, but was still slumped over the handle bars of the bicycle, would the impact be enough for the brake lever to penetrate her body? Not very likely. The brake lever on a bicycle is a thicker piece of metal/plastic. Her mother refers to a “small puncture”. The brake lever would not only cause a “small puncture”.
Plausible – (of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable
(of a person) skilled at producing persuasive arguments, especially ones intended to deceive
The Weekend Argus also reports a family member provided the inspectors with a plausible explanation and drawings of the shooting scene. “The version of the shooting supplied to detectives satisfied the state pathologist in the case, sources said, as well as ballistic experts who investigated the crime scene.” Is the investigation done? Case closed? Do the detectives base their findings on a plausible explanation from a family member or will they investigate the case? I am happy to see police spokesperson, Andre Traut, still calls this an ongoing case, as above comments does make it seem as if police are happy with the unnamed family member’s explanation.
The alleged shooter is a minor who knew how to work with the pellet gun. Days after the shooting incident, when detectives arrived at the deceased’s home, the pellet gun was still on the table. I am aware that you do not need a firearm license to own a pellet gun, therefor the pellet gun does not need to be locked in a gun safe, but if you know that pellet gun is the reason for the death of your child, don’t you lock it as far away as possible? Seeing that the alleged suspect might still have access to the gun? Is it not your responsibility as a parent to ensure the safety of the children still in your house?
After reading the Weekend Argus article I am left with even more questions. Statements does not make sense. Information is given to the media on an ongoing police investigation, but the police spokesperson does not want to comment? Why were the pathologist’s findings a shocking discovery to the family if they were already told the cause of death? What really happened in Nina’s home on that fatal Sunday afternoon?
This article looks very much like a cover up of false information given to the hospital staff and then the media by the family initially. It also creates the impression that this is a clear cut case of a minor firing the shot and being the alleged suspect. Is the minor being framed because she is a minor and has to take the fall for a legally responsible individual?
I hope the real and full story will be revealed soon.  I believe the police will look at all options and possible scenarios.

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