By Morné Joseph

These days false alarms are part of our day to day. So much so, that when you hear an alarm sound in your neighbourhood, you don’t really give any attention to it (until it starts to bother your neighbour).

What is the reason for faulty alarms? Go through the list and see if this is you

• Improper installations
• Too long and direct sunlight on beam or magnet
• Faulty wiring
• Loose wiring
• Wrong location or setting of beams
• Wind and leaves or branches
• Moving curtains
• If sensors are not pet friendly, it can activate alarms
• Bugs or spiders
• Low battery

What impression does a false intermitted sounding alarm create?

• No one is home
• Irritable neighbours
• Opportunists that notice no response to continuously sounding alarm
• In a real threatening or burglary situation there will be no urgency as the false alarm set a tone that everything is fine.
• Time waisted on a false alarm by your security company

If you are home and you get a false alarm, wait or call your security service provider.

• Make sure you know your password.
• Cancel response if everything is ok.

Rather sort out your false alarms in order for your neighbours and response company to know, if your alarm is activated, there is a problem.

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